rybi-tuk Lyrics


The water enwraps itself into the river It heals its chill against the bottom It looks for what it cannot find Like me Everything seems to be so close You need just to move a little The tree yanks the sliver inside itself Like me Like a mute long sentence The water just fizzles and waits if it will not answer itself It prods if it still can touch the bottom or not It creates waves and it looses them as well Using lone intonation it swims between words Like me
The tree inside itself - inside its trunk holds the sliver as if under the bark the tree has human skin And branches like a palm stare into the water They hang above the surface They don’t pet any face The surface gushes wave wave after wave What it hasn’t made til now it will not recover again Big pile in front of you But who knows where to start that stuff The time is endless, man - and still not enough Still not enough ! Still not enough !