120-2 Lyrics

In the middle of words

Firsts: "Accepted !" Seconds: " Accepted !" Thirds: " Accepted !" Fourths: " Accepted !" Fifths: " Accepted !" Sixths: " Accepted !" Fear not no fear for the firsts will be gone I believe yes I do that seconds will come The thrirds oh the thirds won´t even be born The fourths lie into their graves forlorn Herd Oh Herd Oh! - what have thay taken from you? Herd Oh Herd Oh! - where is your pride of youth? Herd Oh Herd Oh! - instead of a mind you´re stuf- -fed - fed - don´t you think you´ve had enough! Herd Oh Herd Oh! - think of how many have fallen Sheep and lambs - at the lord´s beck and calling I understand your fears - even I´m afraid The fifths don´t come ´til on the scales I´m weighed Nowhere to hide, neither body nor bone In the middle of soldiers a person´s all alone Then they wipe the blood off of his hands And for the first time he sees where he stands Fear not no fear for even fifths leave We´ll refuse the sixths - now come with me... First: "Fallen." Second: "Fallen." Third: "Fallen." Fourth: "Fallen." Fifth: "Fallen." Sixth: "Fallen." In the middle of words "soldier" the word "person" is alone!