pohadky-ze-zapotrebi Lyrics

The Soil

(a fairy-tale About a Great Inquietude) Where does the shadow fly that loses strength Where does it fly? Where does the eddy swirl which captures nothing Where does it fly? Where am I flying? The earth rolls over in the ground Hungrily swallows the roots Something's pushing it - something's here Scared by its own boundlessness It doesn't see into the bowels - shielded by the universe! Where does the tone fly that is suddenly cut short? Where does it fly? Where does the arrow fly that never hits home Where does it fly? Where am I flying? The earth rummages through the cards Blindness expires in the dark It has no idea what to doubt It doesn't know what to warn itself of It doesn't rise to the heights - nailed down to the fire!
The earth spins around itself It touches all within itself Flint sparks in place of eyes There's nothing to complain about It does not see around itself - poured out to all sides! Locked rooms chill me in my soul (Earth would fly but doesn't know which way) Something within me searches like an orphan (Earth would fly even if it's not possible) My own palms hold me by my handle (Earth would fly, maybe it'll happen) What's there behind the doors? Who's looking for me? (Finally the earth raises itself up!) High high up in the clouds Above its own head earth loses itself Fire and universe top their temples The earth topless to the ground... The earth topless to the ground!