For order contact Pepa Červinka on e-mail.

T-shirt – 300 Kč

LP – 500 Kč

Hollywood, Floes, Fairytales from Needland, Fairytales from Needland two-fisted remake, Ears, Codliver oil, 2EP Unloved world, Medley youdley

FPB – Victor tall over all, FPB – Rockfest Live 1986

SP Steamboat – first UJD show, 3 and half songs (300 Kč)

LP 5 beats to the hat – songs from cartoon show Krysáci (Rats), 5 language score included (700 Kč)

LP Moravian meeting – common show of UJD and singer from The Residents (700 Kč)

CD – 350 Kč

Caves, Moravian meeting, Fairytales from Needland two-fisted remake, Five beats to hat, Medley youdley, Sbohem a řetěz, Unloved world, Ears


20 flyears (500 Kč), Spring hell summer winter (300 Kč)

Book Výlov šuplíka (300 Kč)

Bag for LP’s with legs (400 Kč)